Larsen Lab Deploys Mobile Sequencing Lab in Borneo

September 21, 2019
Peter Larsen and lab team in Borneo, Malaysia
VBS Assistant Professor, Dr. Peter Larsen and his team traveled to Borneo, Malaysia this summer to conduct a metagenomic nanopore sequencing workshop and research expedition in remote Sarawak. The expedition was made possible by funding from the Center for Global Health & Social Responsibility. Dr. Larsen has established a research collaboration with faculty at the University of Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) focused on the discovery and characterization of emerging zoonoses and food-borne pathogens in the region. 
 As part of her dissertation research, PhD student Nusrat (Annie) Jahan will be working closely with UNIMAS faculty to conduct comparative genomic analyses of food-borne pathogens in Southeast Asia. The team deployed a mobile lab capable of generating massive amounts of genomic data in remote field locations.

CVM Summer Scholar Kenwyn Shriner and Postdoctoral Scholar Laramie Lindsey led the nanopore workshop and provided UNIMAS students and faculty hands on experience with the Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencer. They successfully generated ~14 billion bases of sequence data at a remote field site in the jungles of northwestern Borneo and provided preliminary metagenomic analyses to their UNIMAS colleagues before departing.

To learn more about Dr. Larsen and his team and their journey through Malaysia, please visit the VBS Twitter page.