Inspiring veterinary anatomy students using a 'One Health' approach

July 17, 2019
Larsen, Roxy

One of the department's newest faculty recruits, VBS Assistant Professor Roxanne Larsen gave the first presentation in this year's Sizzling Summer Science Spotlight (S⁴) Series, which was entitled, "Comparative anatomy as a platform for One Health education."

There has been a long history of comparative anatomy underlying comparative science and medicine, or what has been more recently termed as the “One Health” approach. The Global One Health Initiative (GOHI) is an undertaking supported by the University of Minnesota to build collaborations with local and global partners who share a common goal in creating innovative solutions to tackle complex problems crossing human, animal, and environmental health. 

Dr. Larsen reflected on teaching in medical and veterinary professional programs using a One Health perspective, specifically highlighting the similarities and differences in the education of these health professionals. She aspires to find ways to bring professional learners together, using comparative anatomy as a common vehicle to develop skills in problem solving, teamwork, communication, and professionalism. These skills are competencies across medical, veterinary, and One Health educational spectra. 

The S⁴ series, which runs through August 15, takes place on Thursday mornings from 9:00 - 9:45am in room 215 Veterinary Science. All are welcome and encouraged to attend; light refreshments are provided.