Grace Richmond, A New Face in VBS

September 21, 2018
Richmond, Grace

Growing up in a family of journalists, Grace Richmond has always been an “inquisitive person.” In high school, she did very well in her science classes, inspired by her Sophomore biology teacher to pursue a career in the field, Richmond continued her studies. On her 16th Birthday, Grace’s father had arranged for her to meet with his interviewee for whom he was writing a story for the associated press, Dr. Gail Robertson, a neuroscience professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As fate would have it, Grace was scheduled to work that day at a local fast food joint, and that’s when her life came to a crossroads. Richmond says “The choice was a no-brainer” and met with Robertson, who went on to mentor Grace.

Richmond came to the U of M after high school, finished her freshman year, and impressively secured a student position in Dr. Tim Johnson’s lab this summer. Grace’s love for research is apparent as she explains her work in the lab studying JJ1886 E. Coli, a strain which is particularly pathogenic and highly resistant.

Grace is autistic, and says she’s not ashamed to let people know about it. She wrote a paper about the subject in high school, which received top honors in a competition. Richmond calls herself a “lab rat,” aspiring to be a Principal Investigator someday, and her budding career is seemingly headed in that direction. Outside of the lab, Richmond is a self-described movie buff, and is currently enrolled in scuba classes.

By: Gabriel Sinner