Emily Walz Leads Community Veterinary Medicine Progams

August 28, 2020
Emily Walz YouTube screen capt

Dr. Emily Walz, Researcher 5 with the Secure Food Systems team led by VBS Professor and Pomeroy Chair Carol Cardona, was recently interviewed by Dr. Jakub Tolar, Campus Public Health Officer to discuss VeTOUCH (Veterinary Treatment Outreach through Urban Community Health) and SIRVS (Student Initiative for Reservation Veterinary Services) and her work with Community Veterinary Medicine programs. The goal of these programs are to provide a Community Medicine "umbrella" that seeks to coalesce and expand impacts in underserved communities, while providing students with critically important experiences to prepare them for their future careers. Through initial grant funding, this team is being expanded and the search for a new Community Medicine faculty member is underway to allow us to provide a new clinical rotation at the University Avenue Clinic, in partnership with the Animal Humane Society.