Dr. Hadia Abdelaal distinguishes herself in Miami

December 23, 2019
Abdelaal, Hadia

Dr. Hadia M. Abdelaal, a postdoc in the laboratory of VBS Professor Pam Skinner, presented her research, 'HIV-targeting CAR/CXCR5 T cell immunotherapy shows reduced viral RNA in situ in preclinical animal studies" at the HIV Persistence meeting in Miami, FL.

Dr. Skinner reports that after her talk, Hadia was praised by leaders in the HIV field and NIH-NIAID officials, and her presentation was the highlight for many at the meeting. Dr. Skinner shares, "with that talk, she truly made a name for herself in the HIV community.  I could not be more proud of Hadia."

Hadia received a Young Investigator award to attend the HIV Persistence meeting and give her oral presentation.