Dawn Foster-Hartnett and Pat Goodman-Mamula Present Teaching Research at National Meeting

August 23, 2019
FosterHartnett and GoodmanMamula AMSCUE2019

Drs. Dawn Foster Hartnett and Patricia (Pat) Goodman-Mamula presented their teaching-related research results at the annual American Society for Microbiology Conference for Undergraduate Education (ASMCUE) in Tysons, Virginia. The meeting was held on August 1-4, with over 350 microbiology and biology educators attending to learn and discuss trends in undergraduate microbiology education.

Dawn and Pat presented the research project,"Are in-person lectures required for 21st century courses with labs?" with co-authors Lisa Bofenkamp and Anna Landherr. They compared educational outcomes from two groups of undergraduate students enrolled in VBS 2032., General Microbiology. One group of students were offered primarily 'in-person' lectures, whereas a second group  studied 'online' lectures. Both groups participated in the laboratory sessions of the course. Their results generated some good discussions, especially due to an increasing interest in online learning.