Combatting Emerging Public Health Threats with Vaccine Development and Applications

December 4, 2020

VBS Professors Yuying Liang and Hinh Ly, and their research team recently published the paper, "Development and Applications of Viral Vectored Vaccines to Combat Zoonotic and Emerging Public Health Threats, in Vaccines. This paper is a companion article to the publicationsubmitted by first author Morgan Brisse, "Emerging Concepts and Technologies in Vaccine Development," in Frontiers in Immunology, September 30, 2020 issue.

The aim of these two papers is to gain insight into the emergence of new non-viral vaccine technologies and advancing development of vaccines against many human and animal diseases, including those with zoonotic potential to cause global pandemics.

DNA/RNA vaccines, and rational vaccine design, offer innovative approaches to address existing challenges of vaccine development and have significantly advanced understanding of vaccine immunology, which could guide future vaccine development for many diseases, including HIV-1, hepatitis C, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and rapidly emerging infectious diseases, like COVID-19.