2 Years into the COVID-19 Pandemic: Where are we now?

March 25, 2022
Weekly positive COVID-19 cases in Minnesota bar chart from 2020-2022

VBS Assistant Professor Matthew Aliota was recently featured in the Star Tribune write up, "Two years later, COVID-19 remains one step ahead," by Jeremy Olson.

The article lays out a MN COVID-19 timeline beginning with the first diagnosed case in Minnesota, then dealing with the Delta variant, followed by Omicron, in addition to the universal COVID fatigue.

Aliota explains, "Omicron moving through such a large percentage of the population will give us some degree of population immunity, but until we get enough high-quality vaccines to as many people as we can, there will be another variant. It's guaranteed. It's just a matter of when and how severe it will be."

The bright side is we know a lot more now, but it's been tricky to stay ahead of the various strains. State Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm adds, "The hope is that the coronavirus mutates out of self-preservation into something that kills fewer people."