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Generous donors have long helped researchers at the College of Veterinary Medicine utilize the resources at the Clinical Investigation Center (CIC) to advance outcomes for veterinary and human patients across disciplines and across the country. Philanthropy has powered over 50clinical trials to date, improving outcomes in cancer care, dermatology, pain management, cardiology, surgery, and more, all while paving the way to new devices, drugs, procedures, and treatments. 

You can engage with these important scientific strides in myriad ways, listed below. And, to learn more about how you can make a difference by joining our community of caring donors, contact Lauren Craft, development officer, at 612-626-6501 or [email protected].

Highlighted projects


Dermatology Research Fund
Clinical research in dermatology at the CIC, led by Sheila Torres, DVM, MS, PhD, DACVD, has helped identify new medications and therapies for various skin conditions in companion animals. 

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Canine Genetics Research Fund
This fund supports various canine genetics research projects at the College of Veterinary Medicine in areas such as autoimmune diseases, urinary stone formation, hyperlipidemia, and neuromuscular disorders.

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Equine research

Equine Research Support Fund
This fund supports equine research at the College of Veterinary Medicine. Researchers in this area have worked with the CIC to improve equine patient outcomes for various types of cancer.

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Batman Memorial Brain Tumor Fund
Gifts to the Batman Memorial Canine Cancer fund support research led by Liz Pluhar, DVM, PhD, DACVS. This research includes the investigation of immunotherapies for brain tumors, and treatments for dogs with tumors, with the intention of translating therapies to human brain tumor patients.  

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Frosty Hemangiosarcoma Research Fund
This fund supports research led by Liz Pluhar, DVM, PhD, DACVS, at the College of Veterinary Medicine related to hemangiosarcoma, such as clinical trials to develop a vaccine for immunotherapy of the disease.

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The shine on project
Led by Jaime Modiano, VMD, PhD, the shine on project was conceived to reduce the mortality and the suffering caused by canine hemangiosarcoma. You can help expand and accelerate the progress of the Shine On project by making a charitable gift to the Dr. Modiano Oncology Research Fund

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Veterinary Medicine Comparative Oncology Research Fund
This fund supports the Animal Cancer Care and Research Program, which works to determine how cancers that occur in animals are similar to cancers that occur in humans in an effort to drive both human and animal patient outcomes.

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