Swine Program

Swine Disease Eradication Center


The mission of the SDEC is to discover and communicate knowledge on the transmission, control and elimination of swine diseases. The center was founded in 2001 and consists of faculty at the University of Minnesota with diverse clinical and scientific expertise. The SDEC partners with and is supported by contributions from veterinary practices and allied businesses that serve the swine industry.


The SDEC started in 2001 as a faculty driven initiative to establish a research and extension center that addresses one of the main issues in swine production, which is the control and eventual elimination of diseases that affect swine productivity or that constitute potential risks for humans. The Center also responds to the changing environment for a more sustainable and accountable model to conduct research with greater responsiveness to emerging issues and accountability to industry partners.

The Center is constituted by a core group of faculty with expertise in the areas of microbiology, epidemiology, diagnostics, immunology, molecular biology and pathogenesis. Several of the faculty have considerable clinical experience together with in-depth understanding of swine production and the swine industry. In addition, the group is also complemented by associated faculty within the University of Minnesota with complementary areas of expertise. The Center also has an advisory board constituted by representatives of veterinary practices and companies that serve the swine industry.

Research Updates

The Center research strategy aims at having a diverse source for research funds including but not limited to, contributions by private industry, commodity groups, competitive federal funding, and State and University contributions.

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Biosecurity Companies

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Pharmaceutical and Biologics Companies

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