Swine Program

Torremorell Research Group

Research Rationale

We focus on diseases of swine with special emphasis but not limited to, influenza to understand transmission, dynamics of infection and factors that contribute to the introduction, maintenance, dissemination and prevention of influenza viruses with the goal to control and eliminate viruses from swine farms, and mitigate the risk to public health. We also conduct research on biosecurity technologies to mitigate the spread of airborne diseases.

Picture of Dr. Montserrat Torremorell

Dr. Montse Torremorell
Principal Investigator

On-going research

  • Incidence, prevalence, seasonality and spatial epidemiology of influenza
  • Vaccination strategies for the control of influenza virus
  • Investigations into the airborne spread of viruses
  • Testing of biosecurity technologies for bioaerosols
  • Development of protocols for influenza elimination from swine herds

The team

Graduate students

  • Fabian Chamba, DVM, MS
  • Jorge Garrido, DVM

Research Scientists

  • My Yang
  • Nirmala  Jayaveeramuthu

DVM students & undergrads

  • Hunter Baldry