Swine Program

STEMMA – Food safety, zoonosis and production diseases

Research Rationale

The section of STEMMA led by Dr. Alvarez is aimed at the application of tools to better understand and prevent the risk posed by zoonotic pathogens to human health, and quantify the impact of diseases in animal production.

Julio Alvarez headshot

Dr. Julio Alvarez
Principal investigator

Ongoing research

  • Monitoring of antimicrobial resistance in animal and human bacteria
  • Whole genome sequencing of Salmonella
  • Spatial modeling of zoonotic pathogens
  • Evaluation of diagnostic tests for animal diseases


The team

Post-doctoral fellows

  • Ehud Elnekave, DVM, PhD
  • Gustavo Machado, DVM, PhD

Graduate students

  • Shivdeep Singh Hayer, DVM
  • Kaushi Kanankege, DVM, MSc
  • Catalina Picasso, DVM, MSc

Visiting scholar

  • Marta Perez Sancho, DVM, PhD

Research specialist

  • Samuel Hong, BSc