Swine Program

Food Animal Curriculum Roadmap

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Animal Icons were created by Cedric Villain for the Noun Project.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

The goal of this section is to help you if you encounter some problems using the roadmap. 

Why is there a blank space where the roadmap should be?

This is likely to happen if you have not accepted the Flash scripts and this is why the roadmap is not loading.To fix this, look at your web browser url bar and click on the red icon, usually a cross or a crossed shield and accept to use the scripts. The roadmap should be loading then.


How do I navigate the roadmap?

To navigate the roadmap use the arrows that you can see on the screen directly, they are over the black background not below the frame. You can also click on all the text that changes size or color when you put your mouse cursor on top of it. For more information, you can watch the quick demo video. 

 Which browser should I use?

The roadmap is adapted to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,  Internet Explorer, and Safari. Users only need to remember to accept the scripts.

Who can I contact if I am stuck?

If you have any questions regarding course content or technical difficulties, please contact [email protected].