Where are our alumni?

Recent CMB and VMED Alumni Theses and Job Placement



Ampudia Mesias, Elisabet, PhD (CMB)
Advisors: Michael Olin and Liz Pluhar
Subsequent position: Postdoc, Dept. of Pediatrics, Univ. of MN

Garrido, Jorge, PhD (VMED)
Advisor: Montserrat Torremorell
Subsequent position: Herd Health Manager, Pipestone Veterinary Services, Mexico

Korpela, Derek, DVM, PhD (CMB)
Advisor: Erin Dickerson
Subsequent position: Study Director, American Preclinical Services, Minneapolis, MN

Norton, Elaine
Advisor: Dr. Molly McCue
Subsequent position: Instructor, Arizona State University College of Veterinary Medicine

Rowe, Samuel, PhD (VMED)
Advisor: Sandra Godden
Subsequent Position: Faculty, University of Sydney Veterinary College

Smeester, Branden, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Branden Moriarity
Subsequent Position: Scientist, Artisan Biotechnologies, Colorado

Tan, Shaoyuan, DVM, MS (VMED)
Advisors: Michael Murtaugh and Cheryl Dvorak
Subsequent position: Bioinformaticist, St. Jude Childrens’ Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

Velasquez, Erika, MS (VMED)
Advisor: Fabio Vannucci and Connie Gebhart
Subsequent Position: Field Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ecuador

Young, Jordan DVM, MS (CMB)
Advisors: Michael Murtaugh and Cheryl Dvorak
Subsequent position: Postdoctoral Scientist, Zoetis, Kalamazoo, MI



Barrerea Vaca, Maria Soledad, MS (VMED)
Advisors: Sagar Goyal & Sunil Kumar 
Thesis: Turkey arthritis reovirus diagnostic submission analysis and development of serological test 
Subsequent position: currently seeking employment 

Franzen-Klein, Dana, MS (VMED)
Advisors: Julia Ponder 
Thesis: Clinical neurologic abnormalities and immunotoxicity after oral imidaclopid exposure in domestic chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus) 
Subsequent position: Staff Veterinarian at the Raptor Center 

Hayer, Shivdeep, PhD (VMED)
Advisors: Andres Perez & Julio Alverez 
Thesis: Monitoring of phenotypic and genotypic changes in antimicrobial resistance in clinical swine bacterial isolates circulating in the U.S. 
Subsequent position: post-doc position at the University of Nebraska studying gut-microbiome interactions in primate models 

Kaushi Kanankege, PhD (VMED)
Advisors: Dr. Andres Perez and Dr. Nick Phelps
Thesis: The use of spatiotemporal analytical tools to inform decisions and policy in One Health scenarios
Subsequent position: Post-doc with Dr. Perez and Dr. VanderWaal

Kruthika Patel, MS (VMED)
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: Molecular epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from bulk tank milk from U.S. dairy herds
Subsequent position: Research Associate, Dairly Experts Inc., Tulare, CA

Picasso, Catalina, PhD (VMED)
Advisors: Andres Perez & Julio Alverez 
Thesis: Evaluation of control strategies for eradication of bovine tuberculosis in an endemic setting using mathematical modeling 
Subsequent position: post-doc position at the U of MN working with Andres Perez 

Resende, Talita, PhD (VMED)
Advisors: Connie Gebhart & Fabio Vannucci 
Thesis: In vitro investigation of Lawsonia intracellularis pathogenesis 
Subsequent position: post-doc at Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais while applying for academic and diagnostic positions in Brazil 

Wang Haiguang, PhD (CMB)
Advisors: Kristin Hogquist 
Thesis: How lipid specific T cells become effectors 
Subsequent position: post-doc position at the University of Pittsburgh working with Dario Vignali’s lab



Natalie Barnes, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Kent Reed
Thesis: Transcriptional changes in the breast muscle of thermally challenged turkey poults
Subsequent position: Research and Design, LabCorp, St. Paul, MN

Irene Bueno Padilla, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Randy Singer and Dr. Dominic Travis
Thesis: Role of point sources on the dissemination of antibiotic resistance in the environment
Subsequent position: Post-doc position with Dr. Randy Singer, University of Minnesota

Fabian Chamba Pardo, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Influenza A virus epidemiology in breed-to-wean farms and infection dynamics in nursery pigs
Subsequent Position: Scientist, Pharmgate, St. Paul, MN

Elizabeth Groth, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Eva Furrow
Thesis: Prediction of calcium distrubances in dogs and exploration of that role of vitamin D in calcium oxalate urolithasis
Subsequent position: Small animal internist at Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado in Englewood, CO

Liang Guo, PhD (CMB)
Advisers: Dr. Paul Bohjanen and Dr. Irina St. Louis
Thesis: Dysregulation of cell growth and apoptosis networks through altered mRNA decay in malignant and virus-infected cells
Subsequent position: Post-doc position at Sanford Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD

Xi Guo, PhD (CMB)
Advisers: Dr. Carol Cardona and Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Ecology of Influenza A virus in avian species in Minnesota
Subsequent position: Data Scientist, Travelport, Denver, CO

Amy Kinsley, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Meggan Craft and Dr. Andres Perez
Thesis: The use of movement data and network models to measure the effectiveness of control strategies for foot-and-mouth disease in swine
Subsequent position: Research associate position in Veterinary Population Medicine and the Center for Animal Health and Food Safety, University of Minnesota

Shengbin Li, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Pam Skinner
Thesis: Location, abundance and phenotype of follicular simian immunodeficiency virus-specific CD8 T lymphocytes
Subsequent Position: Senior Scientist, Beijing, China

Fernando Lopes Leivas Leite, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Richard Isaacson
Thesis: Microbiome and immune response to Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium and Lawsonia intracellularis infection in swine
Subsequent position: Technical Manager, Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health

Hadia Mohammad Abdelaal, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Pamela Skinner
Thesis: Correlates of cytotoxic T lymphocyte vaccine-induced control against simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV)
Subsequent position: Post-Doc, Pennsylvania State University

Junjie Shao, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Yuying Liang and Hinh Ly
Thesis: Arenavirus-host interactions: Roles of viral glycoprotein and nucleoprotein in meditating cell entry and host immune suppression
Subsequent position: Director of Research and Development at Pharmgate, St. Paul, MN

Grant Stoddard, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Gerard Cramer and Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: Evaluating the relationship between hoof trimming and dairy cattle well-being
Subsequent position: Dairy Consultant, Cargill, Inc.



Hamada Aboubakr, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Sagar Goyal
Thesis: Decontamination of food and food-processing surfaces from norovirus by cold atmospheric-pressure gaseous plasma
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral associate in Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Katie Anderson, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Jaime Modiano
Thesis: Melanoma displays an evolutionarily conserved resistance to modulation of phagocytic signals
Subsequent Position: Dual DVM/PhD student completing DVM curriculum

Elizabeth Coppelman, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: The use of biomarkers to determine the severity of osteoarthritis in the tarsus of an older horse population
Subsequent Position: Clinical Instructor, Large Animal Surgery, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Jing Du, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Bruce Blazar
Thesis: Blocking murine chronic graft versus host disease at different biological phases
Subsequent Position:

Vachira Hunprasit, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Jody Lulich & Dr. Carl Osborne
Thesis: Epidemiologic Evaluation of Risk factors for Calcium Oxalate Urolith Formation and Recurrence in Dogs
Subsequent Position: Faculty, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

Whitney Knauer, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: The Application of Precision Dairy Technologies to Detect Disease in Group Housed Automatically Fed Preweaned Dairy Calves
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Eugene Nwaokorie, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Jody Lulich & Dr. Carl Osborne
Thesis: Epidemiological evaluation of uroliths in selected animals
Subsequent Position: Post-Doctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota CVM

Michael Rahe, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: The porcine memory B cell in conferring long term adaptive immunity to viral pathogens
Subsequent Position: Veterinary Pathology Resident, Iowa State University

Sylvia Wanzala, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Discovery and validation of pathogen specific biomarkers and comparative genomics for diagnosis and tracking of bovine tuberculosis
Subsequent Position: Research Project Specialist, OneHealth Workforce



Nandita Mirajkar, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Connie Gebhart
Thesis: Characterization of emerging Brachyspira pathogens in swine: Applications to disease control
Subsequent Position: Laboratory Research Scientist, University of Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health

Jisun Sun, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Peter Davies
Thesis: Characterization of Staphylococcus aureus at the Human-Swine interface
Subsequent Position: Bacteriology Laboratory Specialist, Minnesota Department of Health

Luiza Ribeiro Roos, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Maria Pieters
Thesis: Mycoplasma hyorhinis and Mycoplasma hyosynoviae colonization patterns at various swine production stages

Yonghyan Kim, MS (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Maxim Cheeran & Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Indirect transmission and stability of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus on fomites

Elizabeth Goudie DeAngelis, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Alice Larson
Thesis: Hyperalgesia by Brown Adipose Tissue Activity in Mice
Subsequent Position: BluePearl Veterinary Partners, New York

Xiong Wang, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Immunological selection as a driver of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) evolution
Subsequent Position: Sequencing and Bioinformatics Unit Supervisor, Minnesota Department of Health

Jyotika Varshney, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Subree Subramanian & Dr. David Largaespada
Thesis: Role of MicroRNA-17-92 cluster in the Osteosarcoma Development and Progression
Subsequent Position: Genentech, San Francisco, CA

Sian Durward-Akhurst, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Molly McCue
Thesis: Immune-Mediated Myositis in Horses: From phenotype to genotype
Subsequent Position: PhD program, Comparative and Molecular Biosciences, University of Minnesota

Catalina Picasso, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Andres Perez & Dr. Julio Alvarez
Thesis: Epidemiological investigation of bovine tuberculosis outbreaks in Uruguay (2011-2013)
Subsequent Position: PhD Program, Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

Carmen Alonso, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Peter Davies & Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Concentration, size distribution, and control of swine viruses associated with airborne particles

Nichol Schultz, PhD (CMB)
Advisers: Dr. Molly McCue & Dr. James Mickelson
Thesis: Characterization of equine metabolic syndrome and mapping of candidate genetic loci
Subsequent Position: Analytical Consultant

Nitipong Homwong, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. John Deen
Thesis: Bayesian Modeling of Within-Herd Transmission Dynamics of Swine Influenza Virus.
Subsequent Position: Faculty, Kasetsart University, Thailand



Jonathan Clayton, PhD (CMB)
Advisers: Dr. Tim Johnson & Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Associations Between Nutrition, Gut Microbial Communities, and Health in Nonhuman Primates.
Subsequent Position: Dual Degree Student: Currently completing DVM degree

Jaclyn Dykstra, PhD (CMB)
Advisers: Dr. Lucy Vulchanova & Dr. Al Beitz
Thesis: Pain-relevant behavior associated with VGF expression in primary afferent neurons.
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Veterinary Population Medicine & Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine 

Sally Robinson, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Mechanisms of Immune Protection Against Porcine Reporductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV).

Kevin Lang, PhD (CMB)
Advisers: Dr. Tim Johnson & Dr. Randy Singer
Thesis: Transcriptional regulation of incompatibility type A/C plasmids.
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Washington

Jessica Rotschafer, PhD (CMB)
Advisers: Dr. Maxim Cheeran & Dr. Tom Molitor
Thesis: Immune Modulation of Adult Neurogenesis during Experimental Herpes Simplex Encephalitis.
Subsequent Position: DVM student, University of Minnesota

Melissa Monson, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Kent Reed
Thesis: Hepatotoxic and Immunomodulatory Transcriptome Responses to Aflatoxin B1 in the Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo).
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral Researcher, Iowa State University 

Tiffany Wolf, PhD (CMB)
Adviser: Dr. Randy Singer & Dr. Dominic Travis
Thesis: Respiratory Disease in Chimpanzees of Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania: Advancing Noninvasive Methods in Epidemiology.
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Fuyuan Wang, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Sabita Roy
Thesis: Temporal Modulation of Gut Microbiome and Metabolome by Morphine.
Subsequent Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Carlos Andres Diaz Jimenez, PhD (VMED) 
Adviser: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis:  Epidemiology and molecular diversity of influenza A viruses in pigs.
Subsequent Position: Swine Health Services, Pig Improvement Company

Steven Tousignant, PhD (VMED) 
Adviser: Dr. Robert Morrison
Thesis:   Epidemiology of PRRS virus in the United States: Monitoring, Detection in Aerosols, and Risk Factors.
Subsequent Position: Veterinarian and Manager of Research, Swine Vet Center, St. Peter, MN 

Nubia Macedo, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell & Dr. Albert Rovira
Thesis:  The Effect of Antibiotic Treatment on Haemophilus Parasuis Colonization, Disease and Immunity.
Subsequent Position: Post Doctoral Researcher at Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Dane Tatarniuk, MS (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: Autologous conditioned serum and subsequent synovial fluid concentrations of cytokines, matrix metalloproteinases, and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases after injection into equine osteoarthritic distal interphalangeal joints.
Subsequent Position: Clinical Instructor, Large Animal Surgery, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Mythili Dileepan, PhD (VMED)
Adivser: Dr. Mathur Kannan
Thesis: MicroRNA regulation on the expression of CD38 and other asthma related genes in human airway smooth muscle cells
Subsequent Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Tamer Sharaf Eldin, PhD (VMED)
Advisers: Dr. Robert Porter & Dr. Sagar Goyal
Thesis: Turkey arthritis reovirus: pathogenesis and immune response
Subsequent Position: Resident in anatomical pathology, University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Raffaella Teixeira, PhD (VMED)
Adviser: Dr. Molly McCue & Dr. James Mickelson
Thesis: Molecular bases of equine polysaccharide storage myopathies
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, University of Max Planck, Indaiatuba, Brazil



Greg Sindberg, PhD
Advisers: Dr. Sabita Roy & Dr. Tom Molitor
Thesis: Disruption of Gut Homeostasis by Opioids in the Early Stages of HIV Infection.
Subsequent Position: Research Associate, Director of STEM inside/outside educational program, Mayo Clinic

Sarah Gresch, MS
Advisers: Dr. Rebecca Davies & Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Validation and use of a multiplex assay for the measurement of cytokine concentrations in non-human primate serum.
Subsequent Position: Section Head of Immunology and Endocrinology, University of Minnesota Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

Chao Ma, MS
Adviser: Dr. Dan Kaufman
Thesis: Derivation of Lymphocytes from Human induced Pluripotent Stem Cells.
Subsequent Position: PhD program, University of South Florida

Yang Yan, MS
Advisers: Dr. Lucy Vulchanova & Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Prevalence of Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) in the U.S. national swine herd.

Eva Furrow, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Ned Patterson
Thesis: Metabolic and Genetic Determinants of Urolithiasis in a Natural Canine Model.
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Jennifer Marlo-Triemstra, PhD
Advisers: Dr. Al Beitz & Dr. Lucy Vulchanova
Thesis: Sex differences and the role of estrogen, estrous cycle, and DRG neurons in a mouse model of cancer pain.
Subsequent Position: Medical Science Liaison, Upsher-Smith Laboratories, Maple Grove, MN

Annette McCoy, PhD
Advisers: Dr. Molly McCue & Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: Genetic Factors Underlying Disease and Performance Traits in Standardbreds.
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor of Equine Surgery, University of Illinois

Maria Jose Clavijo, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Albert Rovira & Dr. Bob Morrison
Thesis: Epidemiology of Mycoplasma hyorhinis in U.S swine production systems
Subsequent Position: Technical Services Specialist, Pig Improvement Company

Sarah Crain, MS
Advisors: Dr. Jane Armstrong & Dr. David Polzin
Thesis: Clinical Studies Methodologies – A Learning Curve
Subsequent Position: PhD student & Clinical Instructor, Tufts University College of Veterinary Medicine

Marina Figueiredo, MS
Advisors: Dr. Michael Murtaugh & Dr. Jody Lulich
Thesis: Gene therapy: A new approach for preventing calcium oxalate stones
Subsequent Position: RePORT Tuberculosis Program Coordinator, Vanderbilt University

Michelle Goulart, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Liz Pluhar
Thesis: Myeloid Derived Suppressor Cells in Dogs with Cancer: Phenotype, Function and Clinical Implications
Subsequent Position:

Sunil Kumar, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Sagar Goyal & Dr. Rob Porter
Thesis: Characterization, diagnosis and environmental survival of turkey arthritis reoviruses
Subsequent Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory, University of Minnesota

Douglas Marthaler, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Sagar Goyal
Thesis: Ecology of Porcine Rotaviruses.
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Mary Catherine O'Conor Dowd, MS
Advisors: Dr. Anna Firshman
Thesis: Diseases of New World Camelids
Subsequent Position: PhD Student, Comparative and Molecular Biosciences, University of Minnesota 

Erin Royster, MS
Advisor: Dr. John Fetrow
Research: Online Continuing Education for Veterinarians in Milking Equipment Evaluation and Evaluation of the Minnesota Easy Culture System II Bi-plate and Tri-plate for identification of common mastitis pathogens in milk
Subsequent Position: Instructor in Dairy Production Medicine, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine



Matthew Allerson, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Transmission and control of influenza virus in pig populations
Subsequent Position: Research Coordinator & Staff Veterinarian, Holden Farms, Inc. Northfield, MN

Alexandra Draper, MS
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Valberg
Thesis: Pelvic Limb Movement Disorders in Horses
Subsequent Position: PhD student, Royal Veterinary College, London

Kristina Kiefer, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Michael Conzemius & Dr. Liz Pluhar
Thesis: The Development and Use of Canine Adipose Derived Stromal and Progenitor Cells to Treat Osteoarthritis
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Joao Lima, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Scott Wells
Thesis: Understanding animal movements to inform bovine tuberculosis surveillance: a framework for a targeted approach
Subsequent Position: National Institute for Agrarian and Veterinary Research, Lisbon, Portugal

Leticia Linhares, MS
Advisor: Dr. Peter Davies
Thesis:A pilot study of the epidemiology of Staphylococcus aureus in multiple site swine production

Daniel Linhares, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Evaluation of Immune Management Strategies to Control and Eliminate Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSv)
Subsequent Position: Head of Technical Services, Agroceres PIC, Brazil

Nicholas Phelps, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Sagar Goyal & Dr. Katey Pelican
Thesis: Improved diagnosis and management of viral hemorrhagic septicemia virus in fish
Current Position: Assistant Professor and Co-Director, Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center, University of Minnesota

Maximiliano Sepulveda, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Randall Singer & Dr. Katey Pelican
Thesis: Interactions between domestic, invasive and threatened carnivores and their implications in conservation and pathogen transmission
Subsequent Position: Consultant, Chile

Fabio Vannucci, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Connie Gebhart
Thesis: Proliferative Enteropathy: Pathogenesis and Host Adaptation
Current Position: Assistant Professor of Pathology, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Willie Greggs, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Louis Mansky
Thesis: Studies of feline leukemia virus drug susceptibility and antiviral mechanism of action.
Subsequent Position: Associate Veterinarian, Banfield

John Schwartz, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Antibody repertoire dynamics in the changing landscape of infection.
Subsequent Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, Immunogenetics Group, Pirbright Institute, England

Aric Frantz, DVM, PhD
Advisers: Dr. Jaime Modiano & Dr. Timothy O'Brien
Thesis: Comparative and molecular approaches to improve identification, classification, and therapeutic approaches to cancer.
Subsequent Position: Study Director, Immunology and Immunotoxicology Services, Covance Laboratories, Madison, WI



Raha Allaei Been, PhD
Adviser: Dr. David Largaespada
Thesis: Insights into determinants of cancer susceptibility, initiation, and progression: studies on medulloblastoma and histiocytic sarcoma in mouse models.
Subsequent Position: Senior Research Engineer, Skin and Wound Care Division, 3M

Ting Lei, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Yinduo Ji
Thesis: Characterization of a novel essential protein Gcp in Staphylococcus aureus.
Current Position: Assistant Vice President, Animal Health Diagnostic Service, Chaia Tai Animal Husbandry Investment Co., Beijing

Mary Boyce, PhD
Advisers: Dr. Bruce Walcheck & Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: Biomarker Response to Acute Joint Injury in a Non-terminal Animal Model of Post-traumatic Osteoarthritis.
Subsequent Position: Veterinarian, Crossroads Equine Hospital, Anderson, CA 

Elise Lamont, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Survival Strategies of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis in a Variety of Microenvironments.
Subsequent Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Seth Baker, MS
Adviser: Dr. Scott Dee
Thesis: Evaluation of Potential Risk Factors of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus Transmission.
Subsequent Position: Study Director, Integra Group

Miranda Bauer, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Kent Reed
Thesis: B-G Gene Structure, Genetic Variation and Expression in the Turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) Major Histocompatibility Complex.
Subsequent Position: Database Manager, Be the Match, Minneapolis, MN 

Chunmei Long, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Bruce Walcheck
Thesis: Role of Leukocyte ADAM17 in Regulating Neutrophil Recruitment during Sepsis.
Subsequent Position: Product Analyst, CHS, Inc., Saint Paul, MN

Ahmed Abd-Allah, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: N-terminus (Y145STOP) fragment of the prion protein plays a role in prion misfolding
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Alexandria University, Egypt

Daniel Almeida, MS
Advisor: Dr. Nick Robinson 
Thesis: Prevalence of Animal Abuse: A confidential survey and a retrospective analysis of postmortem exams
Subsequent Position: Clinical Instructor of Anesthesia, University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center

Carmen Alonso, MS
Advisor: Dr. Peter Davies
Thesis: Epidemiological and economic implications of air filtration systems to prevent PRRSV in large sow herds.
Subsequent Position: PhD student in Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota

Andreia Arruda, MS
Advisor: Dr. Sandra Godden
Thesis: Randomized Non-Inferiority Clinical Trial Evaluating Three Commercial Dry Cow Mastitis Preparations.
Subsequent Position: Pursuing a PhD in Population Medicine at University of Guelph, Canada.

Amanda Beaudoin, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Jeff Bender and Dr. Randall Singer
Thesis: Avian Influenza in Suphanburi Province, Thailand: Assessment of Transmission Dynamics and Interventions in the Local Poultry Sector.
Subsequent Position: Epidemic Intelligence Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Cesar Corzo, PhD
Advisors: Dr. Robert Morrison and Dr. Marie Gramer
Thesis: Epidemiology of influenza A viruses of swine: surveilance, airborne detection and dissemination.
Subsequent Position: PIC, Hendersonville, Tennessee

Luis Espejo, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Scott Wells
Thesis: Epidemiology of Mycobacterium avium subsp. paratuberculosis fecal shedding in Johne's disease infected dairy herds
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral position, University of Minnesota

Brian Hardy, MS
Advisor: Dr. Ned Patterson
Thesis: Injectable Levetiracetam Use in the Dog
Subsequent Position: Private practice, Santa Cruz, California

Deepti Joshi, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Population Genetics Framework and Functional Genomics of Mycobacterium bovis.

Hyeun Bum Kim, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Richard Isaacson
Thesis: A Metagenomic Approach to Study the Effects of Using Tylosin an Antibiotic Growth Promoter on the Pig Distal Gut Microflora.
Subsequent Position: Postdoctoral position with Dr. Saul Tzipori, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, Tufts University

Jane Manfredi, MS
Adivsor: Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: Effect of arthroscopic surgery and post-surgical triamcinolone acetonide administration on synovial fluid, serum, urine and kinetic biomarkers in an equine metacarpophalangeal osteochondral injury model.
Subsequent Position: PhD student in comparative medicine and integrative biology, Michigan State University.

Lindsey Mathews, MS
Advisor: Dr. Lynelle Graham
Thesis: "Comparisonof the Cardiovascular Effects of Acepromazine vs Trazadone as Pre-medications in Dogs"
Subsequent Position: Veterinarian, Affiliated Emergency Veterinary Services, Coon Rapids, MN

Luis Mendonca, MS
Advisor: Dr. Ricardo Chebel
Thesis: Comparison of Holstein and Montbeliarde-sired Crossbred Dairy Cows during the Transition Period.
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences and Industry, Kansas State University

Catherine Rivara, MS
Advisor: Dr. Jody Lulich
Thesis: The role of urine concentrations of purine metabolites as markers of disease.
Subsequent Position: Small Animal Internist at Sage Center for Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Care, California



Susan Detmer, PhD
Advisor: Drs. Sagar Goyal and Marie Gramer
Thesis: Control and Characterization of Influenza A Viruses in Swine
Subsequent Position: Assistant Professor, Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sasksatechewan

Arpita Ghosh, MS
Advisor: Dr. K.V. Nagaraja
Thesis: Regulation of proinflammatory responses to Avian Influenza Virus by the MAP kinase phosphatases in chicken macrophages
Subsequent Position: PhD program, molecular virology, Louisiana State University

Josephine Gnanandarajah, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Role of oxalate metabolizing bacteria in calcium oxalate urolithiasis in dogs
Current Position: Research Specialist, University of Pennsylvania

Tiffany Granone, MS
Advisor: Drs. Lynelle Graham and Jane Quandt
Subsequent Position: Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Florida

Abirami Kugadas, MS
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Membrane Serine Protease Protects Mycobaterium Avium Subsp. Paratubercuolosis Against Phagosomal Acid Stress
Subsequent position: PhD student at Washington State University

Kristy Metivier, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Vickie Wilkie
Thesis: Gene and Protein Expression in Canine Follicular Thyroid Carcinoma
Subsequent Position: Private practice, Trinidad and Tobago

Amanda Oliveira, MS
Advisor: Dr. Srinand Sreevatsan
Thesis: Serological Responses of Infected and Vaccinated Pigs to Recombinant Influenza A Proteins
Current Position: PhD Candidate, University of Minnesota Medical School

Sumathy Puvanendiran, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Cellular and Molecular Pathogenesis of PCV2 Infection
Subsequent Position: Veterinary Research Officer in the Veterinary Research Institute in Peradeniya, Kandy

Duane Robinson, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Michael Conzemius
Thesis: Development of a fracture osteomyelitis model in the rat femur
Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of California Davis College of Veterinary Medicine

Anna Romagosa, MS
Advisor: Dr. Montserrat Torremorell
Thesis: Effect of Immunity on Influenza Transmission and Surveillance in Pig Populations
Subsequent position: Pfizer Spain

Santhakumari Anil Sukumaran Nair, PhD
Advisor: Dr. John Deen
Thesis: Epidemiology of Lameness in Breeding Female Pig
Subsequent position: Epidemiologist for the Florida Department of Health

Megan Swaab, MS
Advisor: Dr. Troy Trumble
Thesis: Compensatory force plate responses to single or multiple limb lameness induction in horses using a hoof clamp technique.
Subsequent Position: Veterinary Surgeon, Data Sciences International

Anil Thachil, PhD
Advisor: Dr. K.V. Nagaraja
Thesis: Cellulitis in Turkeys: Characterization of Causative Agents and Preventive Measures
Current Position: Director, Bacteriology Diagnostic Lab, Cornell University

Spencer Wayne, PhD
Advisor: Dr. Peter Davies
Thesis: Assessment of the Demographics and Network Structure of Swine Populations in Relation to Regional Disease Transmission and Control
Subsequent Position: Practicing swine veterinarian, Pipestone Veterinary Clinic

Juan Li, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Michael Murtaugh
Thesis: Structural and Functional Characterization of Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus N-Glycans.
Subsequent Position: Post Doctoral Researcher, Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology

Mary Mauzy, PhD
Adviser: Dr. Mark Rutherford
Thesis: Transcriptional Profiling of the in vitro Infection of Cryptosporidium.
Subsequent Position: Biostatistics Consultant, Colorado Springs, CO