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1.5 million stones and counting

The Minnesota Urolith Center just analyzed its 1.5 millionth stone.  The stone image of our 1.5 millionth urolith, patient and radiographwas submitted by the Savanna Animal Hospital in Jensen Beach, Florida.  Brody, an 11-year-old, male-neutered, miniature Schnauzer appeared uncomfortable and shaking.  An X-ray of the abdomen quickly identified the cause.  The calcium oxalate stone was removed and Brody’s parents say that he is like a puppy again.

This year, the Minnesota Urolith Center celebrates its 40th anniversary.  Each year we analyze 90,000 samples from around the world. We adopted a Wikipedia business model before Wikipedia became famous.  That is, we rely on donations from individuals, clinics and corporations to provide our service at no cost to veterinarians and the pets they serve.  In 2007, during the great recession, donations dropped to almost 50%; we wondered if we had to close our doors.  With time, increasing donations, and a large educational gift from Hills Pet Nutrition, we never stopped supporting you.  MN Urolith Center 40th anniversary iconWe are excited to be a part of the veterinary profession because we are driven by your compassion to give.  

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