Changes in synovial fluid cytokines in dogs with osteoarthritis

Pointer puppy running

Study Title: Change in synovial fluid cytokine concentrations in dogs with lameness from spontaneous osteoarthritis treated with a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug
Current Status: Open and enrolling
Principal Investigator: Michael Conzemius, DVM, PhD, DACVS
Contact: Sara Pracht, Research Technician Specialist, or 612-626-3574

We are studying the changes in cytokine (biological markers) concentrations in joint fluid collected from dogs with lameness before and after medication to reduce pain and inflammation. By establishing how these concentrations change, we hope to use these biomarkers to better monitor response to treatment. We are also studying the activity level of dogs before and after medication.

Eligible dogs:

  • history of lameness due to osteoarthritis (OA) in a knee or elbow
  • OA seen on X-ray
  • one leg is worse than the others (by 6% asymmetery on gait analysis)
  • otherwise in good health
  • if on medications for pain of OA, must discontinue (call for information)
  • have no adverse reactions to NSAID pain mediation (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug)
  • not planning on any major changes to dog's activities for 42 days of study

Study summary:

Enrollment visit (Day 0) will establish eligibility above. Gait analysis - leash walking over a force plate to establish 6% difference in legs. Your dog will be fitted with a special collar with an activity monitor which your dog will wear until Day 42 (end of study). Visit at Day 14 to examine activity, blood sample, sedation and joint tap to collect synovial fluid, start dog on anti-inflammatory oral medication. Day 42 return to clinic, return the activity monitor, sedation and joint tap. Note: some dogs will not have synovial fluid when we perform the joint tap - those dogs will wear the activity monitor and will not have a 2nd joint tap on Day 42.

Costs of the study:

The study covers the costs of the study procedures and medication. In addition, on Day 42 owners will receive a $50 debit card. If any complications related to the procedures arise, the costs will be covered by the study.

For more information, please contact Sara Pracht (see above).