Dogs with allergic dermatitis - oral medication

Cocker spaniel laying down


Status: On hold
Principal Investigator: 
Sheila Torres

Andrea Chehadeh
Senior Research Study Technician
[email protected]

Study title

Safety and efficacy of an oral piperidine-based, reversible inhibitor of acetylcholinesterase in client-owned dogs with allergic skin disease

Purpose of study

The study is currently on hold as the investigator evaluates preliminary results.

The purpose of this clinical study is to show the effectiveness and safety of an oral medication in reducing the itch and inflammation associated with allergic dermatitis. All dogs will receive the same new oral capsule treatment.

Eligibility criteria

  • Dogs one year or older, weighing 6.6 – 176 pounds
  • Non-seasonal signs of allergic dermatitis
  • Dogs may continue on certain medications for the treatment of the allergic disease provided they continue to show clinical signs, and their medications have been in place for at least 8 weeks and will not change during the study.
  • Dogs that are otherwise healthy, with no active infections
  • Certain medications will require a withdrawal period.
  • Other criteria apply, please contact us for details.


Each dog will complete 3 visits to the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) in a 14-day study period for exams, assessments, and sample collection (blood and urine). Owners will give the study drug at home twice daily by mouth during the 14 days and will record observations daily.