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FAQ - eBAT Compassionate Care

eBAT Compassionate Care

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Prior to enrollment:

  1. Will the study really cost me $20,000?
    It depends. Each dog is different, with different history and different recommendations for treatment. The high estimate, $20,000, represents having eBAT treatment, tumor removal/surgery, chemotherapy, all staging and follow up visits at the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC). The required screening visit at the VMC is around $2,000.

  2. Can my dog be on glucosamine and chondroitin supplements for her/his arthritis?
    Yes, these supplements are allowed. However, all medications need to be reviewed by the study veterinarian.

  3. What about other supplements like I'm Yunity, other coriolus or turkey tail mushroom preparations, or Yunnan Baiyao? 
    eBAT has never been tested for interactions with other drugs. Use of unapproved supplements is not allowed. Eligibility for the trial requires withdrawal of such unapproved supplements at least 10 days prior to eBAT administration. Starting unapproved supplements after treatment will generally not be allowable.

  4. If my dog is not going to have chemotherapy after eBAT, how often do I have to bring him/her in for clinic visits?
    You will be asked to bring your dog to the VMC or to your dog’s oncologist every 2-3 months for restaging. It is very important to the study that we know how dogs that received eBAT treatment are doing.

  5. My dog received his 1st dose of chemotherapy last week, can he/she still participate?
    Yes, we ask that chemotherapy be completed at least two weeks prior to screening. Any decisions regarding chemotherapy should be made with your dog’s oncologist.

  6. Can my dog get chemotherapy at my local oncologist?
    Yes, standard of care chemotherapy may be given locally. However, eBAT is only available at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medical Center. 

  7. Can my dog continue with chemotherapy while receiving eBAT? 
    No, the chemotherapy protocol should be completed prior to receiving eBAT UNLESS either the injectable drug being used is causing unacceptable toxicity requiring discontinuation, OR the injectable drug has failed to control cancer progression. 

  8. What if my dog is on oral chemotherapy (metronomic, daily pill)? Does my dog need to stop taking this in order to get eBAT treatment? 
    Yes, the oral drug will need to be discontinued two weeks prior to eBAT administration. 

  9. My dog has metastasis, can my dog still be a part of the study?
    eBAT Compassionate Care is open to all stages of hemangiosarcoma as long as the dog is otherwise feeling well. This includes dogs with metastasis. Enrollment in the study will be determined after the screening appointment at the U of M VMC.

Enrolled dogs:

  1. What can I expect on the day of eBAT treatments?
    Your pet needs to be dropped off by 7:45 am on the day of their scheduled eBAT chemotherapy. Unless otherwise directed, your dog may eat breakfast that day. You will briefly meet with one of the Oncology Technicians to discuss any concerns you may have about your pet’s condition.

    If Oncology has not arrived for the day one of the Ward technicians will accept your pet until the Oncology Staff have arrived. If you would like to speak to the Oncologist in person we would ask you call at least one day before your eBAT chemotherapy treatment date so we can try to accommodate your request.

    Once your pet is dropped off to the Oncology Department, the Technicians will do a brief physical exam and draw any necessary blood samples. The Doctor will then perform a thorough exam on your pet.

    If your pet gets along with other dogs he/she will be allowed to stay in the Oncology room. If not, your pet will stay in the wards. While here, your pet will have access to water at all times and will be walked outside.

    Your pet is typically ready to go home by 4:00pm if your pet is ready to leave sooner we will contact you. When you come to pick up your pet, please stop by the cashier first. They will contact the Oncology Technicians and let them know that you are here. They will then bring your pet to you.

After eBAT treatment:

  1. When can my dog start injectable chemotherapy after completing eBAT treatment?
    Injectable chemotherapy may begin two (2) weeks following the last eBAT treatment.

  2. When can my dog start or re-start oral chemotherapy (metronomic, daily pill)?
    Oral chemotherapy may be resumed at your veterinarian's discretion two (2) weeks following the last eBAT treatment.