Kent Reed, MS, PhD

Professor and Interim Vice Chair, Department of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences

Kent Reed

Contact Info

[email protected]

Office Phone 612-624-1287

Fax 612-625-0204

Lab Phone 612-624-5390

Mailing Address:
235A AS/VM Building
1988 Fitch Avenue
Saint Paul, MN 55108

PhD, Texas A&M University

MS, Fort Hays State University

BS, University of Minnesota


As a research scientist and educator, I work to expand our knowledge base, answer important scientific questions, and relay that information to others. My research interests are in the study of genome structure, function and evolution. I support critical thinking, cooperative learning and a team approach to problem solving in the laboratory and classroom.


Biotechnology, Genomics, Evolutionary Biology, Molecular Biology

Awards & Recognition

  • Zoetis Award for Excellence in Research, CVM, University of Minnesota, 2014.
  • National Turkey Federation Research Award, Poultry Science Association, 2012.


Research Summary/Interests

My research focuses on the application of genomic resources for collaborative functional investigations in muscle physiology, immunology and toxicology. We use a comprehensive approach to investigate turkey muscle development and function as it relates to meat quality in the context of climate change. We also apply RNA-seq to better understand the metabolic and immunological responses of turkey to probiotic and aflatoxin exposure. These studies are aimed at mitigating the effects of mycotoxin contaminants in feed. Finally, I continue to be involved in efforts to improve the genomic resources for poultry and understanding of the turkey major histocompatibility complex.



Academic Interests and Focus

My background in genetics/genomics and molecular and cell biology provide several opportunities for teaching and mentoring of students. I teach in several classroom settings with diverse groups of students. It is my goal as a university educator to provide the means to productive careers in science and inspire students to pursue further training and education.


  • VBS1001 Introductory Biotechnology, instructor
  • CMB8202 Mechanisms of Animal Health and Disease, instructor
  • CVM6004 Critical Scientific Reading, instructor
  • CVM6009 Biochemistry, Nutrition, and Genetics, instructor