Troy Trumble, DVM, PhD, MS

Associate Professor, Department of Veterinary Population Medicine (VPM)

Troy Trumble

Contact Info

[email protected]

Office Phone 612-624-2676

Office Address:
225 Veterinary Medical Center
1365 Gortner Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108

DVM with honor, Michigan State University

PhD, Colorado State University

MS, Colorado State University

BS, Michigan State University


Awards & Recognition


  • 2001 Colorado State University Student Chapter of the American Association of Equine Practitioners Faculty Teaching Award
  • Resident:
  • 1998 American College of Veterinary Surgeons Clinical Presentation Award, Second Place, at the 33rd Annual Meeting of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Chicago, IL
  • 1998 Mitzy H. Yount Memorial Scholarship
  • 1999 Dr. William Riddell Memorial Graduate Scholarship
  • 1999 Student Chapter of American Veterinary Medical Association Outstanding Large Animal Resident/Intern Appreciation Award
  • 1999 American Association of Veterinary Clinicians Annual Resident’s Award

Professional Veterinary Student:

  • 1993 Runner-up in the Student Employee of the Year recognition program, sponsored by Michigan State University student employment office and the National Association of Student Administrators
  • 1993 Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine's 4th Annual Phi Zeta Research Day Best Oral Presentation Award for a Veterinary Student
  • 1993-1994 Nomination for Outstanding Member of a Registered Student Organization in Michigan State University's Eleventh Annual Student Organization Awards
  • 1993-1994 Robert A. Holmes Memorial Equine Scholarship
  • 1994 Lloyd's of London Equine Scholarship
  • 1995 Michigan State University Dr. J.E. Salsbury Scholarship
  • 1995 Inductee into the Michigan State University Zeta Chapter of the Honorary Phi Zeta Fraternity
  • 1995 Michigan State University Hutton-Riley Equine Award
  • 1995 Michigan State University Wade O. Brinker Orthopedic Award
  • 1995 Michigan State University's AVMA Auxiliary Senior Student Award
  • 1995 Michigan State University’s American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Large Animal Student Surgery Award
  • 1995 Recipient of the Michigan State University Veterinary Student Research Award


Research Summary/Interests

My research focuses on the translational study of the onset and progression of osteoarthritis. My long-term research goal is to use biomarkers of osteoarthritis as a means to establish early diagnosis of osteoarthritis and identify therapies that will slow its progression. Biomarkers are metabolic by-products of either newly formed or recently broken down components of the joint. They can be measured in joint fluid, blood and/or urine. I have also combined this technology with clinical measures of how horses bear weight when they have osteoarthritis. This is done via the use of a force plate. Results that can be obtained combining these types of clinical and bench-top research can be used to help animals and humans with osteoarthritis.

Research Funding Grants

“Medical genetics of equine muscle and orthopedic disease.” Co- PI. Funding Source: Minnesota Agricultural Experiment Station; “Biomarker response to acute joint injury in an animal model of osteoarthritis.” PI. Funding Source: NIH/NIAMS 1R15AR059612-01; “Biomarker changes using an equine model.” PI. Funding Source: Graduate School, University of Minnesota; “A pilot study into the effects of intra-articular triamcinolone acetonide on post fetlock arthroscopy kinetic, kinematic, and serum, urine, and synovial fluid biomarker concentrations.” PI. Funding Source: Minnesota Racing Commission, University of Minnesota Equine Center; “Qualitative and quantitative compensatory effects of lameness in both single and multiple limbs in horses.” PI. Funding Source: Minnesota Racing Commission, University of Minnesota Equine Center



Board Certifications

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Surgeons (2000)

Clinical Interests

Orthopedic Surgery and Lameness, including fracture repair and arthroscopic surgery