Shiori Arai, DVM, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Shiori Arai

Contact Info

[email protected]

Fax 612-624-0751

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences

DVM, Azabu University

PhD, Colorado State University

BS, Tokyo University of Agriculture


Dr. Arai is originally from Tokyo, Japan. After her graduation from the Azabu University, she worked in a small animal hospital in the central Tokyo. She soon then moved to the USA to complete Ph.D program at the Colorado State University followed by a small animal rotating internship at the University of Pennsylvania. She then completed a residency in small animal surgery at the University of Prince Edward Island in Canada. She served on a faculty between 2015-2018 as Assistant Professor. Dr. Arai has been an Assistant Professor of Small Animal Surgery at UMN. She is a Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Surgeon. 


Soft tissue surgery: specific interest in cardiothoracic surgery

Awards & Recognition

Dr. Virgil and Mitzy Yount Postgradute Veterinary Medical Award, Colorado State University (2005-2009)


Research Summary/Interests

Cardiothoracic/cardiovascular sugery

Tissue engineering


2009 Orton EC, Arai S, Lacerda C, Griffiths L. Tissue decellularization and antigen removal by tissue-gel electrophoresis. Colorado State University


Arai S, Milley E, Lichtenberger J, Savidge C, Coté E, Lawrence J. Metastaticcardiachemangiosarcomaina 6-yearoldWheatenTerrierMix. Submitted

Summer J, Arai S et al. Serum Vitamin D and acid base status in hyperparathyroidism: uncovering mechanisms of post-surgical hypocalcemia. In progress

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Grimes JA, Fleming JT, Singh A, Campbell B, Hedlund C, Tobias K, Arai S, Ham K, Repellin R, Schroeder R, Sumner JP, Abrams B, Boudreau B, Lewis B, Wallace ML. Evaluation of long-term outcome following gastroesophageal intussusception: 36 dogs (2002-2018). In press (Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association)

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22 versus 25 gauge needles: a prospective crossover pilot study. In press (Journal of veterinary clinical pathology)

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Arai S, Wright BD, Miyake Y, Boon JA, Orton EC. Heterotopic implantation of a porcine bioprosthetic heart valve in a dog with aortic valve endocarditis. JAVMA. 2007. 231 (5) 727-30.


Board Certifications

Diplomate of American College of Veterinary Surgeons