Strategic plan 2023-2026

The College of Veterinary Medicine has begun work on its next strategic plan. This webpage will serve as the hub for information related to the development of the plan. The College is using an external consulting firm, The Prouty Project, to facilitate this process.

Monitor this page for updates and contact Chris Dillon, chief operating officer, if you have questions.

Draft Strategic Plan documents

Data Gathering

The Strategic Planning Process Steering Committee was tasked with developing a list of Data Gathering themes. The themes were selected based on the tripartite mission and considering the University's MPACT 2025 System Wide Strategic Plan. Once the Data Gathering themes were formed, the Strategic Planning Committee developed an introduction to each Data Gathering theme as well as some questions to assist the Focus Group Facilitator in guiding the discussions in the various focus groups.

Data Collection

Focus group summaries

Raw data


The strategic planning process development is underway. The College has developed a timeline to communicate the steps and, most importantly, the multiple opportunities for broad input and feedback.


The College has formed two committees and has defined an approach to ensure the strategic planning process effectively identifies the College’s aspirations and goals for achieving them.


Chief operating officer Chris Dillon is leading the College’s strategic planning process. Send your questions and comments to him.

Contact Chris


Frequently asked questions

Questions and concerns are sure to arise as we move through the strategic planning process. Please send your questions to Chris Dillon at the links above. But first, review these FAQs to see what has already been answered.