Current projects

Diversity and inclusion committee projects

Goal #1

Organizational composition

  • Letter to Dean Ames ensuring hiring process is focused on diversity - Karl (CFANS)
  • Training for departments in diversity considerations for hiring
  • Language  in all position descriptions - Laura L (HR)
  • Identify diversity interview questions for search committees to incorporate/require at least one diversity question of all candidate interviews – Karl (CFANS)/Laura L (HR)
  • Request budget funding to advertise open positions to diverse candidate pools for searches/hires – Dawn

Goal #2

Organizational culture

  • Criteria to evaluate nominees for diversity award – Sarah, Dawn
  • Develop and enact plans for engagement with ‘corners’ of the CVM-(department meetings, staff meetings, etc.) – Dawn, Karin, Sarah
  • Additional committee membership - who is not currently at the table? – Dawn, Sara
  • Utilizing CVM faculty/staff that showed interest in committee work/projects - Dawn, Karin
  • Cohort organization for Diversity Certificate components - Sara
  • Regular communication updates from committee to CVM – Sara, Dawn, Carolyn (Communications)
  • Coffee Hour event- Karen, Stephen, Dawn
  • Newsletter development- Dawn
  • CVM Safe Zone training - Dawn
  • Create more external (service) learning opportunities for college to engage in (possibly partner with one or two communities for intensive long term relationship building)  - Tina, Tatum

Goal #3

Organizational reputation

  • Compact Request for diversity related activities and support - Mark
  • Structured program with longer term vision - Laura M (ASA)
  • Travel Scholarships for diverse applicants - Laura M (ASA), Karin