• 2022 CVM White Coat ceremony group photo

    Congratulations Class of 2023!

    Our DVM Class of 2023 received their white coats Saturday, signifying their transition to the clinical phase of their training. Friends and family gathered to congratulate more than 100 students on their accomplishments. Way to go Class of 2023!
  • MnPro doctors pose in front of woods

    Leading the Hunt

    In an effort to find and control chronic wasting disease, a University of Minnesota center is forging the path.

  • Ora the pig

    Rising from the Ashes

    Ora the pig defies the odds and recovers from near-fatal burns suffered in a barn fire

  • Merle Peterson holds a 6-month-old Vivian

    Steadfast dedication

    How a ground-breaking procedure in one bulldog has saved the lives of three other dogs.


Current news

It is well understood that Echinococcus spp., a type of zoonotic parasitic tapeworm, spills over into humans through contaminated soil or water—and through their pets. But unlike humans, dogs are asymptomatic when infected with echinococcus, which makes it difficult to detect before a human is infected.

Although studies in Europe and Asia have explored the role of rodent pests in zoonotic disease outbreaks, comparatively little research has investigated the rodent-agricultural interface in the United States.


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